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Employment Programs

Looking Ahead Clubhouse provides 2 forms of employment support: Transitional Employment and Supported Employment.

Transitional Employment (TE)

 The TE program provides the highest level of support to the member working the position. The position is contracted between LAC and the business. The member works for the business once selected and is an employee of the business for a period of 6-9 months. The member is paid directly by the employer. LAC staff assist with reporting to the required entities to ensure that benefit checks are adjusted once the member starts working (DHHS, Housing, SSA).



                                                   Linda at her TE site, Kennebec Behavioral Health       David at his TE site, Fox Ridge Golf Club


Why do members choose TE?

TE opportunities are ideal for members that have never held a job before, have struggled with holding a job, and/or have not worked in a long time. It is an opportunity to gain experience, build your resume, and test the waters of employment.

Why do employers choose to work with LAC?

Employers choose TE because 100% coverage is provided if for any reason the member in that position does not go to work. This coverage is provided at no cost and the staff working will have been trained by the employer directly. All staff of LAC are covered under the Kennebec Behavioral Health liability policy. Select staff will be deemed the designated job coaches for every employment position under TE. This allows for employers to build strong working relationships with LAC staff and feel comfortable to approach them with problems or concerns.

Supported Employment (SE)


                     Kayla employed at the Dollar Tree                           Wanda employed at Kohl’s                    Alan employed at Advantage Solutions


Supported employment positions are owned by the member. In most cases, the staff at the Clubhouse assisted the member in establishing the connection with the employer. LAC staff will provide the member with on and off-site support as requested to work through any work-related conflicts (example: asking for more hours or a raise). However, coverage will not be provided by LAC staff. LAC staff assist with reporting to the required entities to ensure that benefit checks are adjusted once the member starts working(DHHS, Housing, SSA).



         Krystal employed at Home Depot                                     Phil employed at Shaw's                            Jason employed at Lewiston School Department 


Vocational Rehabilitation

Looking Ahead Clubhouse works collaboratively with Vocational Rehabilitation to assist members in reaching their educational and vocational goals. LAC has a designated VR Counselor, Noel Plourde (pictured below), who is currently working with many clubhouse members. She meets with members at the clubhouse at least 1x per week.

Noel Plourde, VR Counselor