Looking Ahead Clubhouse

Where the Future is our Focus

Looking Ahead Clubhouse is a program for adults with mental illness based on the Clubhouse Model of Rehabilitation. We strive to improve the quality of life for Clubhouse members by providing employment, education, wellness, and social opportunities.

What is a Clubhouse?

A Clubhouse is first and foremost a community of people with mental health difficulties working together towards the common goal of recovery. As with all Clubhouses, participants are known as members, as opposed to patients or clients. Each member is a unique individual who posses valuable talents, strengths, and abilities which when combined, assist in making the Clubhouse come alive. This sense of membership, support, and belonging are at the very heart of the Clubhouse way of working. Clubhouse communities recognize, encourage and focus on the inherent value and potential of each person involved. We believe that each member can recover from the effects of mental health difficulties and lead personally satisfying and socially contributing lives.

Welcome to Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead Clubhouse is a program for adults with mental illnesses based on the Clubhouse Model of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. The Clubhouse offers members a supportive environment in which they can work alongside staff in the daily operations of the Clubhouse. Looking Ahead provides a place where self-confidence and hope for the future can be regained. Membership leads to continued growth, increased self-esteem, and a sense of empowerment.

Our Vision

The Clubhouse is a place where members participate with dignity and respect. The members are wanted and needed by the Clubhouse community. The participation by the members is essential to the functioning of the Clubhouse. It is the mission of Looking Ahead Clubhouse to improve the quality of life for individuals who experience mental illness by providing employment, educational, and social opportunities. Our vision is that people with mental illness everywhere achieve their potential and are respected as co-workers, neighbors and friends.